Strive. Struggle. Repeat.

sometimes i think i’m the cutest person. and i’m right

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If I drink enough coffee, I can simulate being alive. Dave Foley (via vital-dust)
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Taskmaster by Reilly Brown
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“The novel’s takeaway, for me, is a don’t-look-back realization most teenagers have, at some point, wherein they recognize that everything they thought was the best—or the most important, or the worst thing ever—was actually mundane, trivial. That’s a sobering feeling, even when it comes to the vagaries of young love, the ache that feels like a hole in the stomach.”
J. C. Gabel on remembering Alain-Fournier’s Le Grand Meaulnes on the centenary of its author’s death.

Adidas Consortium Primeknit Pure Boost (by Neiko Knight‎)
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